Seeds of Corruption


The next 12 pages are covered in messy notes, depictions of ritual circles, and progresssively more-insane ramblings. Many pages have large portions painted over with ink.

The thirteenth page simply reads “Truth is within.”

[This entry is undated]

My master tells me it has been three months since I’ve seen sunlight. It feels like years. I have seen horrors unknown to mankind and now understand my role as the one standing between them. I am now a keeper of the truth. The shadow within shadows. An apprenticed grey wizard. It is all I hoped it would be; I now understand so much more of the winds that I simply couldn’t see before. But the horrors I’ve seen have not left me unmarked.

As I reenter society I hope I’m not as incompatible as I feel. The last months have been taxing.

5 Nachgeheim 2522

It is good to feel the sun again. I find myself readjusting more quickly than I had hoped.

Ivellios says he has made some progress with his guild, but there is still so much to do. And so many costs.

Before I went into the tunnels I learned that the hammer I had found was an heirloom weapon to a clan of dwarves living down south and east of here. I hope to return it to them sometime. I’m sure they would be glad to have it back.

Lord Aschaffenburg has summoned us and given us a lead on some more work out in Stromdorf.

We gathered supplies and set out on a ferry. I had heard it always rains in Stromdorf but I never imagined how bad it could be! As we drew closer to our destination the rain picked up immensely, churning the waters into a roiling mess, washing away the riverbanks and heaving the small ship around. The ferryman decided to turn around and head back, leaving me and Ivellios on the riverbank, soaked and disgruntled, to walk the rest of the way.

We’re at the Thunderwater Inn now, resting. It’s still not too late so we hope to go out and find our contact once the rain dies down, or at least once we warm up a bit.



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