Ivellios Uoswiir

Wanderer. Thief. Elf. Bane of Cultists.


Character Sheet

Standing roughly 4’3, Ivellios is clothed in simple garb with many pockets – all the better for hiding the ill-gotten gains of his vocation. He prefers the earth tones of brown and green but a bright shock of blond hair makes him stick out like a sore thumb if he doesn’t wear his hood. He is thin and wiry – not as strong as some other tough adventurers but quite capable in a fight regardless.


Ivellios was born to a poor wood elven colony. He wished for nothing more than to live out his days in peace. Unfortunately, it was not to be. His life went fairly well until he moved into the lands of the Empire. He had no way of knowing the heavy taxes elves were put in to make their lives harder.

He decided it would be best to live in the forests and learn to live by his wits, but he had to go into the city now and again for supplies. He learned the ways of the streets and got into a bit of trouble with the law. Thankfully a local thief taught him how to work for the guilds. Being smart, he never affiliated with them, but gave tithes when he could.

Ivellios Uoswiir

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