Niklas Schulmann (Deceased)


Dressed in flamboyant midnight-blue robes, this young man’s high cowl, skullcap, and flowing cloak are decorated with esoteric golden sigils. A small telescope, an elegant dagger, and several scrolls hang at his belt, and his staff is topped by a clockwork representation of moons and planets orbiting a golden sun.

Schulmann has a handsome face with a forked black beard. His deep blue eyes have a haughty stare. He portrays himself with smug self-assurance as an eminent wizard, a prodigy of the Celestial College.


He arrived in Stromdorf a few short weeks ago, and lodges in the Thunderwater Inn. He says he is on sabbatical from the Colleges of Magic, having come to Stromdorf to study its bizarre meteorological conditions – the subject of a thesis he is writing. He believes the strange storms are caused by a number of Azyr-infused objects called ‘lightning stones’. He has hired the party to assist him in finding and obtaining these lightning stones for further study so he can hopefully stop the constant storms.

Niklas Schulmann (Deceased)

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