Rickard Aschaffenberg

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg


Although only a minor noble, Lord Aschaffenberg is still a wealthy and powerful individual. He is a huge bear of a man, overweight but otherwise hale. He has a large, bushy, dark brown beard and dressed ostentatiously, wearing his golden chains of rank over an ermine robe with fashionably slashed silk sleeves. He is extroverted and usually speaks with a booming and commanding voice.

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg is a gregarious and generous man and, despite his appearance, ties to take the responsibilities of his class seriously.


Lord Aschaffenberg apparently married into a wealthier family and has moved to Grunewald Lodge to take residence there. The sorry state of the lodge, combined with the apparent lack of his wife’s presence, would indicate his standing with said family is not in high regard.

Aschaffenberg believes that there is a rising rebellion among his staff and has hired a group of adventurers to covertly investigate the lodge and its inhabitants. He is also worried about the increasingly regular beastmen attacks and his seemingly ineffectual guards.

During the investigation, Rikkard’s wife was currently in Altdorf, with her family, the von Brunes. Officially the manor was part of his dowry – unofficially it was a test for him. If he could turn the lodge around, get her back in working shape, then he would have proven himself a capable husband for his wife, and be fully accepted into the family.

Instead, Aschaffenberg found the journal of the previous master of the lodge, Andreas von Bruner, detailing his descent into madness and heresy. Rikkard used this information to his advantage, blackmailing the von Bruner family and eventually subsuming their land and influence into his own. He was able to accomplish this in a span of 2 and a half months, a truly impressive feat.

He gave the deed to the lodge over to Lero and Ivellios. The beastmen and cultists had damaged the place beyond reasonably-priced repair, but there was still a hidden underground section that the elf thought he could use for smuggling.

Aschaffenberg is consolidating his power-base in Ubersreik and has a child on the way. He directed the adventurers to Stromdorf for some work with a wizard, and is currently awaiting their return.

Rickard Aschaffenberg

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