Hans Kurtz

One of the few survivors of the beastmen attack.

Hans Kurtz


Hans Kurtz is a handsome man in his 20s, with a neat beard, dressed in hard-wearing clothes and a long leather coat. During the beastman attack, he was clubbed in the leg and still walks with a pronounced limp. He finds it painful to climb stairs or ladders and moves sluggishly. He says Doctor Sieger gave him medicine for the pain.


Vern was sent back to Ubersreik by Lord Aschaffenburg to hire some stout but discreet fellows to investigate the rumored rebellion forming in the ranks of the other servants. Despite his nervous and fawning manner, Vern considered himself to be better than the common folk, seeing his position granting him an elevated status. He found the task beneath him, but grudgingly accepted.

Recently he had discovered that his blunderbuss was missing. His injury had hampered his search, and he had enlisted the aid of Brottor to help him find the missing weapon. He seemed to get along well with the dwarf.

The medicine Sieger gave him was laced with Schlaf and the coachmen found himself extremely fatigued. He tried fighting it but was unable to keep himself awake at times. During dinner he was given food laced with even more Schlaf, causing him even further weariness. With his last ounces of strength he painfully hobbled up into the hayloft and passed out among the bales. This saved his life – the beastmen did not find and kill him like they did the stablehand.

He drove the coach from the Grunewald Lodge to Ubersreik, carrying Vern Hendrick and the adventurers along with the accursed painting. He was briefly tempted by the daemonic entity within, but was able to shake it off quickly. He is currently serving at the Aschaffenburg Manor.

Hans Kurtz

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