Magic is a supernatural force used by individuals commonly called wizards, but also named magicians, sorcerers, mages, necromancers, shamans and seers, to perform a spell.

All magical energy comes from the Realm of Chaos through the destroyed polar warp gates, as Chaos energy. When it enters the material world, the Chaos energy refracts into eight “colours”, collectively known as the Winds of Magic. A very small part of it concentrates and solidifies into warpstone, but most of it remains largely invisible. Wizards are individuals with the inborn ability to sense and to feel and, usually following special training, can learn to manipulate and use magic in the form of spells.

There are several kinds of magic but most wizards are able to use only a single form. Just as Chaos is represented as an eight pointed star, the winds of magic consist of eight colours or lores. Since magic is closely associated with Chaos, it carries with it an inherent risk to its users, and all wizards walk a narrow road between power and damnation.

Only the most magically-adept races, such as Elves, are capable of mastering all of the eight lores of Magic, and most races, including humans, dedicate themselves to learning only a single lore. Thus each of The Empire’s Colleges of Magic are centred around the use of only one wind of magic.

The Winds of Magic

Runic NameColorCollege of MagicLore
HyshWhiteThe Light OrderLight
ChamonYellowThe Gold OrderMetal
GhyranGreenThe Jade OrderLife
AzyrBlueThe Celestial OrderHeavens
UlguGreyThe Grey OrderShadow
ShyishPurpleThe Amethyst OrderDeath
AqshyRedThe Bright OrderFire
GhurBrownThe Amber BrotherhoodBeasts


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