Talabheim is the Eye of the Forest; it lies within a vast natural crater at the heart of the Great Forest. The walls of this crater rise high above the surrounding trees, and have been further built upon so as to make a formidable defensive barrier. Within the walls, the land is flat and fertile, covered with farms and smaller settlements that outlie the city itself.

The river Talabec flows around the edge of the crater, bringing with it the possibility of trade links to Kislev and Altdorf. A deep harbour with an associated settlement called Talagaad is located near the southern rim of the crater – from here a tunnel passes though the crater wall, each end protected by a fortress. This tunnel is the only way into Talabheim, and it is no surprise that the city is virtually impossible to capture.

The Knights Panther maintain their headquarters in Talabheim capital of Talabecland, and are a key part of the city’s standing force. Their rivals the Knights of the White Wolf also have a chapter house here – the situation is the reverse of that in Middenheim, where it is the White Wolves who dominate over the Panthers.

Since the days of Ottilia, the self-proclaimed Empress who began the age of wars, Talabheim’s rulers have always been notoriously autocratic. Laws are more draconian than elsewhere in The Empire, with public mutilation and execution a regular spectacle in the busy market squares. The current rulers are the descendants of Emperor Dieter IV, who was deposed over the Marienburg scandal and fled in disgrace to Talabheim. Thorgad IV, one of the two Arch-Lectors of the Cult of Sigmar, presides over a large temple here, but Ulric remains preeminent.


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