Vern Hendrick

Loyal Servant to Lord Aschaffenburg

Vern Hendrick


Vern is a moody and professional individual in his mid-thirties with a deeply lined face and short, peppery hair. He is dressed in practical, servant’s clothes. Recently he was wounded in a beastmen attack on the lodge, (his hand was bitten.) He keeps the suppurating wound wrapped in a bandage, and it gives him constant pain and makes him even more moody than usual.


Vern was sent back to Ubersreik by Lord Aschaffenburg to hire some stout but discreet fellows to investigate the rumored rebellion forming in the ranks of the other servants. Despite his nervous and fawning manner, Vern considered himself to be better than the common folk, seeing his position granting him an elevated status. He found the task beneath him, but grudgingly accepted.

He hired the adventurers and brought them back to the lodge, surviving yet another assault by beastmen, and is currently assisting his master unpack his things.

Vern was initially skeptical of his masters’ caution, feeling that surely the man should trust the servants of his new family. He never told Aschaffenburg this, of course. Once the party revealed the reality of the rebellion Vern stayed by his lord’s side, intent on protecting him with his life. He survived the second beastmen attack with superficial wounds.

Vern Hendrick returned with the party to Ubersreik and took over his master’s household until he returned with all his luggage. He is currently serving his master once again at the family manor.

Vern Hendrick

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